I am entering the fourth month of the startup founder’s life. So far I’ve earned $0 but learned many interesting things, such as a better understanding of the different types of people for providing feedback. I categorize them into five groups, and put then in a spectrum, from polite to critical. Some are more pleasant than others; some are more helpful than others. Furthermore, the ones who are the most pleasant aren’t always the most helpful. Following is the list of groups that I arrange people into.


The majority of the people are polite. After learning about a startup…


I am working on a Web product that needs to visualize and manipulate graph / network data using JavaScript. Obviously, I can use the omnipotent D3.js library, but I am also curious to learn graph visualization specific libraries that can provides higher level of abstraction. I did a bit search and found two nice overview articles:

They both provide a comprehensive list of libraries. However, which library should a reader check out first? If following the alphabetical order, then one actually encounters Alchemy and arbor, which haven’t been updated for years…

MingYi Zhao

Working on an EdTech startup.

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